How to get to Sunny Suwałki?

Two important international commercial transport routes run through Suwałki: from Berlin through Warsaw to Sankt Petersburg and from Warsaw to Helsinki. The route to Helsinki, the Via Baltica, is going to connect Baltic countries with Western Europe in the future.

In Suwałki, also important national and voivodeship roads cross:

  • national road no. 8, forming a part of the international E 67 route, leading south towards Augustów, Białystok and Warsaw and north-east, towards Szypliszki, Budzisko, Kowno;
  • voivodeship road no. 655, to the south-western direction towards Raczki and to the north, towards the Suwalski Landscape Park and Rutka Tartak;
  • voivodeship road no. 652, leading towards Gołdap and Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation;
  • voivodeship road no. 653, leading south towards Sejn, Wigierski National Park and Ogrodnik, and west towards Olecko, Ełk and Olsztyn.

The nearest foreign neighbours are:

  • Lithuania: Budzisk border crossing – 28 km from Suwałki, for passenger cars also in Ogrodniki – 43 km from Suwałki and railway crossing in Trakiszki – 33 km from Suwałki;
  • The Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation: border crossing in Gołdap – 68 km from Suwałki;
  • Belarus: border crossing for passenger cars and commercial vehicles and railway trains in Kuźnica Białostocka – 125 km from Suwałki.

You can get to Suwałki by bus or train:

The nearest airport is located in Kowno.