Suwal – a Local Ducat coin

Suwal – a Local Ducat coin, emitted since 2008. Until the present day, suwals have featured depictions of animals finding optimal living conditions in this region: a beaver, a whitefish, a pond bat, a noble crayfish, a wolf, and a sand lizard. This year it will feature a crane.

A crane is the symbol of spring in the region of Suwałki. It also stands for the rebirth of the entire nature after a long winter, which happens very often in this area. Ornithologists claim that cranes and other birds visit the region of Suwałki later than they do in the rest of the country for a reason: this is one of Poland’s coldest spots. However, thanks to very clean air and good environmental conditions, cranes find a favourable habitat here, in terms of living conditions and procreation.

Suwals of the following values are currently in use: 4 suwals, i.e. 4 PLN, and a silver coin of 40 suwals, worth 130 PLN. They are accepted until 15 September in selected shops and restaurants, marked with a sign “Tu honorujemy” [Accepted Here].