Your Mobile Guide Across Suwałki

aplikacja-mobilnaThe Mobile Guide not only allows you to explore Suwałki freely and in a customized way, but also provides a different view of the city than the one you are likely to find in typical city guides. The Mobile Guide will show you the places known only to the locals and few local guides. Apart from the most popular historic sites, the Guide provides information on local culture, athletics and entertainment, enabling you to find, e.g. the best restaurants serving local cuisine.

The Mobile Guide is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Phone platforms.

The Mobile Guide provides tourists and local inhabitants free access to interactive maps, thus enabling them to discover historic sites and other interesting locations; it is also useful when you need a bed for the night, or when you’re looking for a restaurant. It will give you some hints on culture and tourism-related attractions for kids and active tourists.

The app uses geographic location services, i.e. user GPS data, in order to customize the routes, objects and event displayed. The Mobile Guide features information on public buildings and tourist and culture highlights of the city of Suwałki (site description, hours of business, address, phone number, pictures and voice support on chosen items).


The Mobile Guide has been developed as a part of a project no. WND-RPPD.03.01.00-20-007/12, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.